Lotus Innovations

Lotus Innovations is currently a small indie team creating an innovative hacking simulation with a futuristic atmosphere. Our goal is to look for opportunities to bring together education and games in a creative, immersive way. Games are our work and also fun for us. It's part of our professional life and also free time - we are exploring, playing, analyzing, writing about it, and creating. We are enjoying cooperation with great consultants from the game industry and university and work with a game community of experts, players, and designers ready to help. The team knows that best game design is staying on research, best practices, and constant feedback.

Based in: Trebisov, Slovakia
Founded in: 2019
Size of team: 4
Public email contact: info@lotusinnovations.eu

Our Games

World Wide Hack

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World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity with a dynamic story set in the open world. Solve hacking puzzles, complete quests and compete or join forces with friends in a fight for control. Use tools, stealth, strategize and hack fast to manipulate the world.

World Wide Hack is already released in Early Access on Steam. Join the community of thousands of players in this immersive sandbox hacking experience!